Speak Up to Save Educational Broadband Service

As a valued customer using Mobile Beacon’s unlimited broadband to deliver programs, balance your budget and support your mission, we need your help.  On May 10, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to begin a new rulemaking to reform Educational Broadband Service (EBS), the only spectrum band currently reserved for educational purposes.


The FCC is proposing to eliminate the educational use requirements for EBS and remove the requirement that this spectrum be controlled by educational and nonprofit entities. This means the only remaining spectrum allocated for educational purposes has the potential to be auctioned off to large telecommunications carriers who have left millions of Americans trapped in the digital divide.  If these proposed changes are adopted by the FCC, this would remove the educational core of this public resource at a time when broadband access for education remains critical.

How Does This Impact You?

NACEPF, the parent company of Mobile Beacon, is the second-largest Educational Broadband Service licensee in the United States. NACEPF created Mobile Beacon to be the service entity that would make its EBS service available to schools, libraries, nonprofits, and other community anchor institutions. In fact, you rely on Mobile Beacon’s $10/month, unlimited, EBS internet service every day.


What’s at stake is the gradual reduction or elimination of EBS programs that are currently being used to close the homework gap, provide connectivity to low-income individuals and families, and help nonprofits of every kind better serve their communities.



How Can You Help?

Follow the instructions below to submit a comment to the FCC and vocalize your concerns about the changes they are proposing. The reply comment deadline is September 7th, 2018. The FCC reads each comment and will consider your submission as they make their final decision.


Mobile Beacon and NACEPF need your help to protect Educational Broadband Service for generations to come. Tell your story to the FCC and share how Mobile Beacon ’s broadband internet has helped expand educational access in your area, service your mission, and impact your community.

For your convenience, we’ve developed some sample comments to help you get started:

How to Submit a Comment?

1.   Click on the button below and you will be taken to the FCC comment page.

2.  Once you are on the comment page, enter “18-120” in the “Proceeding(s)” item line.

3.  After filling out your information and comment, you can review and submit.



For more information on how to submit a comment, please watch the 1-minute tutorial developed by Voqal, a partner organization in the fight to save EBS!

Magnify your voice by sending your comment to your members of Congress. Find your Representatives and Senators by clicking the links below and then send them an email telling them to joint the fight to save EBS!

Find your Senators

Find your Representatives

Education matters and broadband spectrum allocated for education is a key public resource providing internet access to students and community members who need it most. Speak up to save Educational Broadband Service! #SaveEBS #DontTakeOurInternet