Techsoup Donation Program

Broadband for Social Good

Who it helps:
501(c)(3) nonprofits, schools, and libraries


How it helps:
Through our $10/month, unlimited Internet service and 4G device donation program through TechSoup, nonprofits can significantly lower their connectivity costs. It’s a great opportunity for nonprofits who:

  • Lack traditional Internet access, or suffer from slow speeds/bandwidth constraints
  • Need a low-cost backup Internet source
  • Want to provide field-based staff with mobile Internet access

What you get:
Qualified organizations can get 1-10 donated 4G devices per year. We offer tiered donation bundles to help you get the number of devices you need to expand access without breaking your budget.

Donation Bundles

(Single Device Donation)

Organizations who only need one device or want to try our service before committing to a larger order can apply for a single device. You may also apply for additional devices via the applicable programs below during the same fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

(Up to 5 Donated Devices)

Choose any combination of 4G devices including Wi-Fi modems, USB modems, or mobile hotspots.

(Up to 10 Donated Devices)

Choose any combination of 4G devices including Wi-Fi modems, USB modems, or mobile hotspots.


How to Apply:

Before you can apply for the Mobile Beacon donation offering on, you must register your organization with TechSoup and confirm eligibility. Then follow these easy steps to request your donation:



Visit and add the Mobile Beacon offering you would like to request to your shopping cart.

Complete the checkout process with TechSoup. Please note there is an administrative fee payable to TechSoup to participate in these programs. See details

Once TechSoup confirms your eligibility, you will receive an email with a unique promotion code and instructions on how to order the donated devices and 4G service using Mobile Beacon’s online application.

Complete Mobile Beacon’s online application to order the devices. Make sure to enter the promotion code from the TechSoup fulfillment email to ensure you get the discounted rate!


Learn about our CLEAR Stick USB device and the Internet Service for Nonprofits Program.




“The Mobile Beacon Product Donation Program has provided much-needed 4G broadband access to nonprofits and public libraries across the U.S. Thousands of these organizations now use cutting-edge technology tools to deliver their social missions more effectively both in and away from the office.”

— Karen Coppock, Vice President, Strategy and Impact, TechSoup Global


“Mobile access has greatly facilitated client care and our agency productivity. What I love about Mobile Beacon is their $10 per month unlimited service; anything else is at least $45. Mobile Beacon is a joy to work with!”

— Bob Cerny, MIS Manager, Murtis Taylor Human Services