Who We Help: Schools

Connect students to a brighter future, affordably.

Internet access is critical for schools – broadband offers a singular opportunity to transform learning in countless ways. Whether expanding outreach to underserved families, making lessons come alive, or providing off-campus access, high-speed Internet access is the cornerstone of 21st century learning. Emerging technology creates an increasingly individualized, 24/7 learning environment, yet 80% of E-Rate funded schools report inadequate broadband connections.


As a nonprofit and one of the largest national educational broadband service (EBS) providers in the U.S., we are deeply committed to helping schools deliver educational services with programs, services and products that won’t break the budget.

Access More. Teach More. Learn More.

With Mobile Beacon, schools can:

  • Provide out-of-school access to students who do not have Internet access at home.
  • Meet the broadband demands of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.
  • Create a low-cost, backup Internet source so lessons aren’t interrupted by slow speeds or a lost connection.
  • Offer affordable, out-of-school, mobile Internet access to teachers and staff.
  • Create instant wireless access in unwired areas of your building.

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Mobile Beacon’s programs provide affordable solutions to your connectivity challenges.

By pairing Mobile Beacon’s affordable service with programs like Digital Wish, we help you open doors to opportunity and expand access to more students and their families.


Get donated devices through our Digital Wish Program to further reduce the cost of connectivity.

Schools in select markets can get up to 25 donated laptops and 4G LTE mobile devices, plus free Internet service for one year.