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While you prioritize uninterrupted, exceptional healthcare, Mobile Beacon prioritizes your broadband connectivity needs

In the fast-evolving landscape of contemporary healthcare, uninterrupted connectivity is paramount. Mobile Beacon is your dedicated partner, offering tailored solutions to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and bridge the digital divide.

Build a more connected and efficient future for your initiatives with Mobile Beacon.

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Premier Services Included to Serve You Better:

Telehealth Visits

  • Patient Care: Equip your staff or patients with mobile hotspots, routers, or tablets offering 4G and 5G speeds. This flexibility ensures that your healthcare professionals and those you serve can have access to world-class healthcare, regardless of their location.
  • Telepsych Care:
    Extend mental health services with Telepsych care, especially beneficial for mental health clients during critical care moments.
  • Teledentistry Visits:
    Expand or support your dentistry efforts to drive initiatives for improving oral health and reaching rural patients. These services provide both emergent dental needs and progress-check consultations, enhancing the overall reach and impact of your dental practice.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring:
    Implement monitoring devices for continuous health data transmission from patients’ homes to your organization.

Enjoy peace of mind with secure, private connectivity, so your organization can safeguard sensitive information, including proprietary data and Protected Health Information (PHI). CIPA-compliant filtering is available upon request.

Seamlessly connect your healthcare organization and address the unique needs of both patients and employees. Benefit from Mobile Beacon’s high-speed, reliable wireless internet access, even in remote locations.

Ease of Implementation
Implement connectivity solutions effortlessly with Mobile Beacon’s plug-and-play format. Take control of the streamlined distribution process at your discretion for a seamless experience that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Mobile Beacon’s affordable, unlimited broadband allows your organization to implement and/or expand innovative solutions for both patients and employees, ensuring cost is never a barrier to essential connectivity. Our plans offer high-speed access for just $10/month.

Experience unlimited growth opportunities with cost savings from Mobile Beacon’s affordable solutions. Redirect funds dedicated to internet access towards transformative programs.

Internet Lending
Provide internet access to patients for housing services, student education, healthcare education, and back-to-work programs. Mobile Beacon empowers your organization to make a positive impact beyond traditional connectivity.

Empowering Your Organization to Face the Future:
Modern healthcare demands a reliable and robust internet connection. Mobile Beacon is committed to providing the solution you need.
Access More, Reach More, and ultimately, Help More people with Mobile Beacon.

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