5G Mobile Devices

Look to the Future and Experience the Benefits of 5G

Mobile Beacon is one of the first providers to offer reliable 5G service at the most affordable cost. We are excited to offer the latest in wireless technology to the nonprofit and education community. Whether you’re on the go or in the office, we have the devices you need to connect easily and get online faster using the latest advancement in wireless technology. There’s no need to visit a retail store, no installation headaches, and no phone lines needed to get started. With our new 5G MiFi device, you can enjoy all the connectivity benefits including a long-lasting all-day battery, the capability of connecting up to 30 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and many more!

The MiFi 2000 is first in its class, but don’t just take our word for it! 

Learn More About Our 5G Connectivity

Our 5G network provides fast, reliable, nationwide coverage

Our portable, wireless 4G/5G hotspot offers a long-lasting all-day battery

With On-the-Go access, our service fee** costs $20/month and offers unlimited 4G/5G LTE

Now you can connect up to 30 Wi-Fi-enabled devices

Inseego 5G MiFi M2000

A portable, wireless 4G/5G hotspot.


Access for: On-the-Go
Connects: up to 30 Wi-Fi enabled devices
Service Fee**: $20/month
Data Plan: Unlimited 4G/5G LTE

Get to Know the New 5G MiFi!

** Due to the significantly reduced service rates, Mobile Beacon’s service plans must be paid annually in advance.

† T-Mobile is providing Mobile Beacon’s users with an unlimited 5G/4G data plan subject to T-Mobile’s network management policy for the unlimited data plan. Unlimited customers who use more than 100 GB of data during a calendar month will be deprioritized but only during times and places when the T-Mobile network is constrained. See Mobile Beacon’s FAQs and Open Internet Disclosures for further details. Subject to availability. Eligibility restrictions and other restrictions may apply. All service plans are subject to Mobile Beacon’s Terms and Conditions located at www.mobilebeacon.org/legal/legal-info/.

Attention! Update on Mobile Beacon's Hours

Our office will be closed on Monday, July 4th in observation of the holiday.

Starting July 5th and running through Sept. 2nd, Mobile Beacon is changing our hours of operation. Our office will be open from 8 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Thursday and 8 AM to 1 PM EST on Friday. You can always email our team at [email protected] or call our 24/7 Technical Support line at 877-879-5031.