Cedar Creek Independent School District


The Clear Creek Independent School District believes learning can take place any time and from anywhere; yet, learning opportunities are limited for the ten percent of their students without Internet access at home. To equalize the learning field, CCISD needed an affordable solution to provide out-of-school access to students in the “digital divide,” a term referring to the gap between people who have access to the Internet and those who do not.


Given that there are not many funding options available for off-campus connectivity, students and staff at Clear Brook High School, Clear Creek High School, Clear Falls High School, Clear Lake High School and Clear Springs High School set out to raise funds themselves. Students raised $4,300 in three short months to help their fellow students. Using Mobile Beacon’s device donation program through Digital Wish, the district has received over 30 donated modems enabling them to stretch these dollars further.


  • The students’ fundraising efforts paid for one-year Internet plans for 35 qualifying students at Mobile Beacon’s affordable $10/month rate.
  • These students were then able to access the Internet at home to help with homework, research, and communicating with study partners and teachers.

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