Mobile Beacon Disaster Recovery Programs

Effective 11/14/2017


In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, we understand that the focus of many of our customers is on rebuilding so that they can continue serving their communities. Although the rebuilding process has already begun, there is still a lot of work to be done. Mobile Beacon wants to assist you in recovering and regaining connectivity, so we developed three Disaster Recovery Programs

Device Replacement Program for Mobile Beacon Customers

•  The program is available to current Mobile Beacon subscribers only, whose organization is in a FEMA designated disaster zone.

•  If your device(s) was damaged due to the recent natural disasters, we will replace your device free of charge, even if it is out of the warranty period.

•  We will activate and ship your new device(s) and transfer the remaining service time on your damaged device to the new device, all at no cost to you.

• To order your replacement devices, please have the following documents prepared: 1.) A letter from a company executive on the company letterhead stating that the organization was affected by the hurricane and listing the MEID DEC numbers of the affected devices, and 2.)letter on the company letterhead stating they received the in-kind donation with the approximate donation amount.


Once you have obtained the above documentation, navigate to our online order page. Enter the number of replacement devices that you need on page two, and attach letter #1 on page three. Mobile Beacon’s Customer Service Team will follow up with you once the order has been placed requesting the email submission of letter #2.

Disaster Recovery Donation Program for Nonprofits

•  The program is available to nonprofits in FEMA designated disaster zones. It is available to both current customers and new customers.

•  Like our current donation programs, the devices will be donated and customers will only have to pay for the Mobile Beacon internet service.

•  The program allows an eligible organization to receive up to 25 hotspot devices. Customers are only responsible for paying for Mobile Beacon’s low-cost internet for $10/month.

•  To order your donated devices, please go to our ordering page.

Disaster Recovery Donation Program for Schools in partnership with Digital Wish

•  This program is available to schools who are new or current Mobile Beacon subscribers in FEMA disaster areas.

•  Like the Disaster Relief Donation Program for Nonprofits, this program provides an increase in the number of donated mobile hotspot devices that an eligible organization can receive.

•  Our current Device Donation Program through Digital Wish currently offers up to 11 donated ZTE Warp Connect hotspots to qualifying schools and educators; under the Disaster Recovery Donation Program for Schools in partnership with Digital Wish, they are now eligible to receive an additional 26 hotspot devices.

•  The devices and shipping & handling will be donated and customers will only have to pay a nominal administration fee and the internet service fee per device.

•  Even if you have already received donated devices through Digital Wish this year you can still utilize this offer to order.

•  To order your donated hotspots, please visit Digital Wish‘s Mobile Beacon hotspot donation page and follow the instructions provided.


If you are unsure if you are in an area that is eligible for these programs, you can either contact our customer service team at (401) 934-0500, or you can view the FEMA Harvey map or the FEMA Irma map which will indicate affected areas.


Mobile Beacon wants to help your organization recover quickly so that you can return to helping to serve your community, especially as they rebuild as well. If you have any questions regarding any of these programs, please contact our Customer Service Team at or call us at (401) 934-0500. We are available from 8:30 am to 5 pm EST Monday-Friday.