Emporia part of program helping low-income families access technology

In 2019, Bridging the Gap distributed 879 computers and 606 mobile hotspots with three free months of internet service to over 800 students and their families.

The distribution events occurred in seven communities across the country – Youngstown, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, Waco, Texas, Temple-Killeen, Texas, Emporia, Salt Lake City, Utah, and South Bend, Indiana. Bridging the Gap partnered with 31 schools in 2019 to select the eligible students and their families to receive the donated technology. The technology was donated through monetary support from Mobile Beacon and additional local community organizations.

Bridging the Gap is a nonprofit-led initiative of PCs for People and Mobile Beacon that helps community anchor institutions like housing authorities, schools, libraries and nonprofits provide affordable computers and internet access to eligible, low-income individuals and families.

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