Exciting News!

CT STEM Academy and Family STEM Nights and Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) are a Top 10 National Finalist for a Mobile Beacon $10,000 Youth Development Grant.

Mobile Beacon has selected us to compete for $10K, 10 Laptops and 10 Mobile Hotspots!

The Spanish Community of Wallingford, and its STEM partner CT STEM Academy, strive to cultivate innovative enrichment programs targeted for students interested in deepening their knowledge of STEM concepts, placing a special emphasis on gender equity, cultural diversity, and direct family involvement. This partnership, founded in 2011 through a NASA Summer of Innovation Grant, has served over 10,000 students, hundreds of families, and over seventy-five schools and community organizations throughout Connecticut.

Read the full story at myrecordjournal.com. 

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