Share Your Mobile Beacon Moment


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. For the past ten years, Mobile Beacon proudly provided unlimited, reliable, fast mobile broadband service to the anchors of our communities across the country. We’ve loved hearing how access to the internet allowed your organization to reach more, access more, and help more in your area.


In honor of our 10th year anniversary, we invite you to share how Mobile Beacon impacted your organization and mission. Did you expand programs and services? Use internet to solve an issue impacting your community? Grant access to people you serve who may not have the means or ability to access? Address the inequities in your community? Connect your team, your students, your patrons during the COVID pandemic?


We’d like the opportunity to shine a light on you and the incredible work your organization does every day. By sharing your Mobile Beacon moments, you’ll enter for the chance to win one of our 10-year Community Grants. A Community Grant will provide your organization with $10,000, 10 laptops, and 10 hotspot devices with Mobile Beacon’s unlimited service. Entries will be judged in a public voting contest so submissions that are easily shareable will work best.


Get creative, and tell us your story! Shoot a video, compile a photo collage, send an audio clip, or create an infographic.


Entries must highlight how you are utilizing our internet service and how it has helped or impacted your organization and/or community. Full contest details can be found below.


Entries valid from September 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020.



Share how Mobile Beacon’s internet service impacts your community.

Highlight a story about yourself, a student, family, an event, an entire community etc. We want to know how access has supported your mission and how it may continue in the future.


Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, zip, pdf, mp3, mp4, mov
Max file size per upload: 2MB


If you have additional assets that live on a server or video streaming platform, please provide links in the "Other Notes or Comments" field below.


I authorize Mobile Beacon to use my name, voice and likeness for publicity purposes, and I grant Mobile Beacon unrestricted rights and license in and to my submission, without any compensation to me. I confirm that my submission is my own original work and I have all rights and license in and to my entry, including all photo, audio, video, or any other multimedia therein, to grant such rights and licenses to Mobile Beacon.*

By entering my submission in this contest, I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Mobile Beacon Moments Storytelling Contest.*