Mobile Beacon’s EBS Mobile Broadband Service Supports Digitally Disadvantaged Communities

The digital divide is a devastating challenge for millions of Americans and nonprofits across the country. Without affordable access and digital literacy skills, those on the wrong side of the digital divide are unable to fully participate in today’s digital world. In an article published by the Benton Foundation, TechSoup’s Global Director of GreenTech, Jim Lynch, highlights Mobile Beacon’s research on how nonprofits are helping to connect the digitally disadvantaged.

Community nonprofits utilize Mobile Beacon’s unlimited EBS broadband service to balance their budgets, expand their programs, and provide connectivity to their community. Key findings included:

  • 67% of nonprofits use Mobile Beacon’s hotspots for work outside the office including: telework, community outreach, travel, and offsite meetings and trainings.
  • More than 25% of surveyed nonprofits use Mobile Beacon’s service to provide Internet access to their community through hotspot lending programs, with another 12% planning to add such a program soon.
  • 82% of all respondents say they have saved money by using Mobile Beacon’s Internet service.

Additionally, Jim highlighted the research from Mobile Beacon and PCs for People’s Bridging the Gap program. He states, “this study proves that it is critical to provide low-income Americans with the reliable connectivity necessary to compete in today’s world.”

This article was published in a series of articles highlighting Mobile Beacon’s research. You can find the other articles here and Mobile Beacon’s research here.

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