Mobile Beacon Lowers Price on its 4G Hotspots and Wi-Fi Modems by 45%

Lower prices mean more affordable access for schools and nonprofits

December, 2013
Mobile Beacon, a provider of low-cost, 4G mobile broadband service to schools and nonprofits around the country, has lowered its prices on its 4G mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi modems. On average, this amounts to a 45% cost reduction on these 4G devices for educational and nonprofit organizations. The savings come from lower prices being offered by Mobile Beacon’s equipment supplier. As a nonprofit committed to making broadband services affordable for other nonprofits, Mobile Beacon is passing these savings on to its customers.

New pricing is as follows:

  • Wi-Fi Modem: ($39) This device is a modem with integrated Wi-Fi router that provides 4G broadband connectivity and local networking capabilities.
  • Mobile Hotspot: ($39) This pocket-sized device provides mobile connectivity for up to eight Wi-Fi devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers and other Apple iOS devices.

Mobile Beacon’s 4G USB Modem is still offered at $36, making all of Mobile Beacon’s 4G devices now available for less than $40. These devices are new and come with a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Mobile Beacon also offers a limited number of 4G devices to schools, libraries and other nonprofits through TechSoup.org and DigitalWish.org donation programs. If organizations need devices beyond what is available as a donation, they can now purchase additional devices at Mobile Beacon’s new, lower prices.

Mobile Beacon continues to provide unlimited 4G data plans for $10/month on all devices.

“Mobile Beacon’s mission is to make affordable broadband service available to schools, libraries, and nonprofits, so they can better carry out their missions,” said Katherine Messier, Managing Director of Mobile Beacon. “We deliver this through our low-cost unlimited data plans, product donation programs, and now by passing on the additional savings we receive from our supplier to our customers.”

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