Low­-Cost Computers and Internet Access Helps More Low­-Income Families and Nonprofits in Colorado

The Denver branch of PCs for People is moving to a new retail location at 1548 W Alameda Ave Denver, CO, 80223 effective Aug. 1. With a new storefront and plans for additional warehouse space, PCs for People is working hard to expand its reach beyond the Denver Metro Area, bringing low-cost computers and high-speed Internet access to more low-income families and nonprofits across the state.

PCs for People is a Minnesota-based nonprofit that works with local organizations to provide refurbished computers, computer repairs and a low-cost, high-speed, unlimited data Internet connection, to low-income individuals and families across the country. PCs for People serves as a certified electronic recycler for local businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. Internet access is provided through a partnership with Mobile Beacon, a nonprofit based out of Rhode Island.

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