Pulaski Library offering Wi-Fi hotspots and food

There’s no doubt that the digitization of our world has left the role of public libraries in question. With the accessibility of the internet overshadowing the use of public libraries for research projects, book reports, or simply entertainment, the librarians of the Pulaski Library have been searching for unique ways to serve the community and get them in-touch with the valuable resources offered.

Library Public Services Coordinator Sheena Johnson came up with two brilliant ideas to strengthen the library’s presence.

As internet access has increasingly become a necessity, Johnson thought that bringing in hotspot technology would allow those without reliable internet access to use the internet without issue at home. “We did months of research to find the best hotspot devices,” said Johnson, “We looked at other libraries near us and discovered the Mobile Beacons from Techsoup. They gave us good discounts and allowed us to purchase 10 hotspot devices that are shared between the Dublin and Pulaski Libraries.”

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