Mobile Beacon Lowers Price on its 4G Hotspots and Wi-Fi Modems by 45%

December 24, 2013

Mobile Beacon, a provider of low-cost, 4G mobile broadband service to schools and nonprofits around the country, has lowered its prices on its 4G mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi modems…

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Tablets and mobile applications, in new American Libraries Live episode

November 24, 2013

Personal electronic devices like tablets, smartphones and digital cameras are everywhere. How can libraries effectively incorporate these devices into both library…

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Loaning Out Internet Access at the Providence Community Library

October 20, 2013

Libraries offering free Internet access is nothing new. But the Providence Community Library (RI) is taking an innovative leap by allowing patrons to literally check out free home…

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Mobile Beacon Expands Disaster Relief Donation Program to Oklahoma and Texas

June 15, 2013

Mobile Beacon, a provider of low-cost, 4G mobile broadband service to schools and nonprofits, has expanded its disaster relief donation programs on and…

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SETDA Welcomes Inaugural Cohort of Startup Partners

May 20, 2013

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), the principal non-profit membership association representing U.S. state and territorial educational technology leaders, announced today…

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Mobile Beacon launches donation program with Digital Wish

May 10, 2013

Mobile Internet service provider Mobile Beacon has launched its 4G mobile broadband donation program for educators on to help schools provide 24/6 mobile connectivity for teachers…

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Mobile Beacon Expands 4G Mobile Broadband Donation Program On

April 20, 2013

Mobile Beacon, a low-cost, 4G mobile broadband service provider exclusively for nonprofits, is announcing changes to its mobile broadband offering through a TechSoup Global program,…

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Wireless Beyond the Building: Mobile Beacon

April 5, 2013

Most libraries now offer wireless Internet access within the building, so visitors can use their own devices to get online. Some libraries are going beyond that and are providing wireless…

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Clear Resellers Impact on Broadband Adoption

March 15, 2013

Providence Community Library is loaning out the internet. Literally. They have purchased two hotspots from Mobile Beacon. Library patrons can check out the hotspots for up to a week. The hotspots can accommodate up to five users at a time…

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