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What’s Involved in Technology Planning? Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 1/3


    Welcome to the first of three blog posts in our technology planning series. We’ll be discussing how to maximize your resources with a well-thought-out plan, how to conduct a technology assessment, and technology planning for disaster preparedness.

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Technology Disaster Preparedness. Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 3/3


Welcome to the final blog in our technology planning series. You now know how to develop a well-thought-out technology plan and how to conduct a technology assessment. Now let’s look at technology disaster preparedness.

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How to Conduct a Technology Assessment Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 2/3


  Technology Planning for Nonprofits Welcome to part two of our technology planning series. Now that you have defined how technology can help you achieve your goals, and you know what a technology plan is and why it’s important, let’s talk about a central part of your plan.

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A Look Back at PCs for People & Mobile Beacon’s Bridging the Gap Distribution Events in Denver


Mobile Beacon and PCs for People Denver recently completed a series of technology distribution events held in Denver, CO from September 2016 until May of 2017. Through our Bridging the Gap program, Mobile Beacon and  PCs for People Denver partnered to provide computers, hotspots, and affordable internet to individuals and families under the 200% poverty […]

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Spring Forward: National Digital Inclusion Efforts on the Rise


Having worked on digital inclusion programs for the last six years, it’s hard to contain our excitement about the huge leaps forward that have occurred in the first three months of 2016. It seems like we’re finally beyond the “It’s 20XX, doesn’t everyone have access to technology?” and “Isn’t Internet access like cable, great to […]

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College Unbound Students Attain Success on the Go


  Problem: College Unbound is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing a pathway to an accredited bachelor’s degree with partnering colleges and universities. The program is targeted to those who began a degree program but were unable to finish, often adults who are full-time workers, full-time students and full-time parents. Though College Unbound is dedicated […]

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