Convert & Connect Device Donation Program

Together, we kept more than 260,000 people online – and counting!

Last year, as a thank you to our existing customers for their support during a difficult transition period, we created “Convert & Connect,” a device donation program to help our users make the long-anticipated transition to Sprint’s LTE service. Our top priority was ensuring that the 300,000 vulnerable Americans who relied on our Internet service through our community of schools, libraries and nonprofits were not left without Internet access.


Convert & Connect was a great success!


In just 90 days, 73% of our existing users participated in our Convert & Connect donation program and received a free LTE device and our new $10/month, unlimited 4G LTE Internet service.


Our work is not finished. There are still too many schools, libraries, and nonprofits who lack sufficient broadband access to meet their needs. And 34 million American remain offline. Mobile Beacon remains committed to helping close this digital divide and ensure that every American has the opportunity to participate in our digital world.



Offer Details:


Who it’s for:
Mobile Beacon’s existing direct customers*


What it is:
A one-to-one device exchange program to make your switch to next generation LTE Internet service much more affordable. Current direct customers are eligible for a new LTE mobile hotspot at no cost with the purchase of a one-year service plan for each LTE device (service is $10/month per device, paid annually in advance). The number of donated LTE devices customers are eligible for under this program is limited to the number of active lines of service they have with Mobile Beacon.


This offer expires on March 31, 2016.


If you are an active customer, you received an email of instruction regarding how to place your order along with your custom link that will bring up your current account details.


If you have misplaced your personal Convert and Connect customer link upgrade instructions, please contact us with your active CLEAR MAC ID number(s) in the subject line to our Customer Service department.






* Direct customers include schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations that we bill directly for service.



Learn about the status of the LTE transition and the meaning behind the “Convert and Connect” Device Donation Program directly from Mobile Beacon’s Founder and Managing Director, Katherine Messier.