Convert & Connect FAQs

Through this one-to-one device donation upgrade program, our existing customers are eligible to receive a free LTE hotspot for each active line of service you currently have with Mobile Beacon (there is no cost for the device or shipping).  In order to be eligible for the swap, you are required to purchase a new one-year LTE Service Plan for each device you transition.


What kind of LTE Device is included in the Convert & Connect donation program?
The Convert & Connect  Device Program offers the Novatel MiFi 500 mobile hotspot. See more details about the device here. Please note that device availability varies and Mobile Beacon reserves the right to substitute the device for one of similar value.


I need an Ethernet connection like I had with the CLEAR Hub Express modem. Will the LTE mobile hotspot you are offering through Convert and Connect provide an Ethernet connection? 
Mobile Beacon is currently offering the Novatel MiFi 500 hotspot (or similar) as part of the Convert & Connect donation program, which does not support an Ethernet connection. However, you will have the option to select the Netgear 6100D Gateway and pay the additional device cost ($135) when you order.


Is there any cost to me to participate in the Convert & Connect program?
The Convert & Connect Device Donation Program is intended to facilitate our customers’ transition to Sprint’s LTE network. Through this program, we are donating an LTE mobile hotspot (estimated ~$95 value) and any associated shipping cost to send it to you.  In order to be eligible for the swap, you must purchase a new one-year LTE Service Plan for each eligible device you choose to transition. Please note that if you have prepaid for a WiMAX service plan that has not yet expired, we will automatically issue you a prorated credit during the ordering process.


Does the LTE Service Plan you are offering provide unlimited 4G?
Yes. Sprint is providing Mobile Beacon’s users with an unlimited 4G LTE data-only plan subject to Sprint’s network management policy for the unlimited LTE plan it offers its own retail customers.*

* Sprint “Quality of Service” Practices (QoS): Unlimited customers who use more than 23 GB of data during a billing cycle will be deprioritized during times and places where the Sprint network is constrained. See sprint.com/networkmanagement for details.  Limited time offer. Coverage not available everywhere. See sprint.com/coverage for details and search for 4G LTE data coverage. Subject to availability. Eligibility restrictions and other restrictions may apply. All service plans are subject to Mobile Beacon’s Terms and Conditions located at https://www.mobilebeacon.org/legal .


How does the ‘Quality of Service’ Practices (QoS) differ from throttling? 

The 4G LTE service plan we offer is unlimited — there are no data caps or throttling under this plan. Quality of Service (QoS) is different from throttling in several ways. First, it is not automatically engaged after reaching a certain data allotment. With throttling, speeds will automatically be reduced as soon as a certain data allotment is reached, regardless of network capacity. QoS is only triggered during periods of network congestion and is re-evaluated every nanosecond. Customers may experience a temporary slowdown for a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, or not at all. That will cease as soon as network resources are freed up (unlike throttling where users are subject to lower speeds for the remainder of their billing cycle). QoS is also different from throttling in that speeds are not dramatically reduced to, say, 156 Kpbs. With Sprint’s LTE service, even IF experiencing QoS, users may still experience download speeds faster than WiMAX (#-6 Mpbs).


Is there anything I need to do prior to ordering? 

Yes, it is very important that you check coverage prior to ordering LTE devices. We are currently offering the Novatel MiFi 500 hotspot, but coverage may not be available everywhere. Please visit our new Novatel MiFi 500 Coverage page and follow the instructions before you place your order. If  you do not have coverage with this device, we will investigate another device option for you.

There is also a handy list of LTE coverage by cities. Visit the Sprint 4G LTE Launched Cities List website.


Do I have to transition all my CLEAR devices at once?
No. The Convert & Connect program is valid through March 31, 2016. If you wish, you may utilize the link and transition only a few of your devices today. If you’d like to go back and transition additional WiMAX devices later (prior to the March 31 expiration date), you can simply reopen the e-mail, click the custom link again, and choose from any of the remaining active WiMAX devices. Please note that although this offer is available through March 31st, please visit our WiMAX Shutdown Schedule page to see when your WiMAX service will end.  We encourage you to act promptly to avoid a disruption in service.


How do I place my Convert & Connect order?
You were sent an email from Mobile Beacon that included a custom link to take you to your personalized Convert & Connect order form. From there, you can choose which WiMAX device(s) you would like to exchange and convert to LTE. If you have misplaced this e-mail, please request your custom link by providing your CLEAR MAC ID number(s) via e-mail to our Customer Service department.


After I place my order, how long will it take to receive my LTE device(s)?
After we receive your completed order (which includes the signed Customer Agreement and payment), we will place your order promptly with Sprint. Because we are working on transitioning our entire customer base in a short time frame, it is difficult to predict exact fulfillment timing with Sprint. In general, please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping. You will also receive an e-mail with the Shipment Tracking Information for your devices. If you have not received a shipment notification within five (5) business days from your order, please e-mail us at [email protected].


My WiMAX service plan has not expired. Will I have to pay the full $120 for an annual LTE service plan?
If you have prepaid for a one-year WiMAX Service Plan for any of the devices that you elect to swap as part of Convert & Connect donation program, we will automatically deduct any prepaid amount during the ordering process.


Do I have to sign a new Customer Agreement if my current WiMAX service term has not yet expired?
Yes. Because you are receiving a new service plan on a different network (Sprint’s LTE network vs Clearwire’s WiMAX network), different terms of service apply. The LTE Customer Agreement is a mandatory part of the Convert & Connect order form. Please take your time and review the agreement before e-signing. Additionally, a copy can be found on https://www.mobilebeacon.org/mobile-beacon-lte-direct-customer-agreement/ .


Do I have to pay by Credit Card?
No. Paying by credit card will allow us to process your order faster, but you may send a check payable to Mobile Beacon via traditional mail as well. Please be advised that the order will not be fulfilled until receipt of the check.


If I have trouble setting up my new LTE device, how can I receive technical support? 

Mobile Beacon has a specialized team at Sprint that will handle your inquiries 24/7. Please contact their Advanced Tech Support phone number at 1-877-236-8008.


When will my WiMAX service stop working?
There is a phased WiMAX decommissioning schedule with different cities throughout the United States having WiMAX permanently shutdown between now and March 31, 2016. Please refer to our new map to get the schedule for your area.


How do I order additional devices beyond what is donated through Convert & Connect program?
The Convert & Connect order form will only process device swaps for this device donation upgrade program. If you wish to request additional LTE devices, please submit a request and we will follow up with you directly. Please note that there is a limited quantity of LTE devices currently available and we are prioritizing existing users to ensure a successful migration to Sprint’s LTE network before March 31, 2016.


After I receive my new LTE device, what should I with my Clear WiMAX device?
You will not need to return your current device. We encourage you to discard them responsibly and e-recycle at a local facility.

As part of Sprint’s corporate responsibility program, Sprint’s Good Works strives to minimize the impact their business has on our environment.

Since resources and regulation for e-waste recycling differ from state to state, Sprint has compiled a recycling resource list by State here.