Check Coverage for Convert & Connect Donation Program


Mobile Beacon is currently offering the Novatel MiFi 500 mobile hotspot through our Convert & Connect device donation program.

Please follow these instructions to verify coverage on Sprint.com with the Novatel MiFi® 500 before you place your Convert & Connect order.


  1. Select the Novatel MiFi® 500 as the device as shown in Section A to the left.
  2. Enter your service address information (street address, city, state, and zip code) as shown in Section B to the left.
  3. View data coverage by selecting the “Data” tab as shown in Section C to the left.
  4. View “4G LTE” or “Enhanced LTE” coverage as shown in Section D to the left.
  5. If you have coverage with the Novatel MiFi® 500, please complete your Convert & Connect order. If you do not, please email [email protected] and we will investigate whether we have a different device we can offer you.