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Johnson & Wales University (JWU) in Providence, RI is committed to providing a safe learning environment for its students and staff. JWU’s Safety & Security office understood that mobile technology was a valuable tool to keep campus security officers in the field. They recognized that the process of having security officers return to the office to complete their reports and look up information in their security database was time-consuming and inefficient. JWU had planned to equip their campus security vehicles with laptops and mobile Internet service; however, this was an unfunded project.


JWU applied and was approved for Mobile Beacon’s Connect for Success grant. They received six laptops and 4G USB modems, one for each of the University’s campus security vehicles. After the free Internet service period associated with Mobile Beacon’s grant ended, JWU renewed the annual service plan for each USB modem at Mobile Beacon’s $10/month rate. Receiving the grant enabled JWU to complete an unfunded initiative and gave them enough time to budget for the low-cost, ongoing service fee in the following school year.


  • Now campus security officers are able to access critical databases from the field, which reduces radio time and increases efficiency
  • Overall the department has reported significant improvement in response times, which is a key safety priority
  • Increases visibility of officers on campus as opposed to being confined to the office
  • Information such as time and warning notices can now be distributed in real time and benefits to being able to keep Safety & Security officers on the road



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"This grant has enabled us to improve our efficiency and visibility by having officers being able to remotely access critical department databases and software programs from the field.”

— Captain Leroy Rose, Johnson & Wales