Lighthouse Christian Academy

Creating Individualized Learning Opportunities for Special-Needs Students



Lighthouse Christian Academy is a small school in Pendleton, Oregon that specializes in providing individualized instruction to students of all abilities, including many with special needs ranging from emotional/behavioral challenges to students with chronic, long-term illnesses.


Lighthouse Christian Academy received laptops and 4G USB modems as part of Mobile Beacon’s Connect for Success grant. The devices enabled the school to offer a more flexible online curriculum and provide at-home access to accommodate the individual needs of students.


  • One fourth grader, who does not live in the same town as the school, developed a brain tumor which affects her vision. Because of the Mobile Beacon grant, the school was able to deliver all of her curriculum via computer. Features include increasing the font size to 2” so this student can see the lessons.
  • Two other students struggle with emotional issues. The laptops allow for individual accommodations to be made and allows one of these students to complete her studies at home.
  • Another student is only 12 but in the 9th grade. The school can tailor her lessons to offer the academic challenges she needs. This student has tested at the Grade 13 level in all subjects and is expected to graduate at the age of 15 or 16.


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“We have been blessed by Mobile Beacon to give us this grant. We were in a situation where we did not have the money to upgrade our computers, but technology is moving so fast, that we had to do something. This came at the right time for us.”

— Shannon Schuette, Director, Lighthouse Christian Academy



“Parents have been really happy. For some of them, having students taking classes in their homes is the only way their students would go to school.”

— Shannon Schuette