Mobile Beacon Brings Affordable 4G Mobile Broadband to Nonprofits.

November, 2010
Mobile Beacon is now offering unlimited 4G mobile broadband service exclusively to educational entities and nonprofits through its technology assistance grant program. Through this program, Mobile Beacon offers qualified nonprofits unlimited 4G broadband access for a subsidized rate of $10/month and a choice of customer-friendly equipment designed to provide high-speed Internet access for use in the office or on-the-go.

“We believe the work schools and nonprofits perform is vital to the community, and yet many of these organizations report they lack sufficient technology to do their jobs well,” said John Primeau. Primeau is the Founder, President, and CEO of NACEPF. “Our mission is to help them work faster and more cost-effectively with better, affordable technology.”

Mobile Beacon was created by a 501c3 nonprofit organization with over 20 years experience serving the educational community and performing mission-based work around the globe. Mobile Beacon’s nonprofit roots make them well-suited to understand and respond to the needs of other nonprofit organizations.

“We understand nonprofits are continuously challenged to do more with less, and we’re committed to helping them in that effort. Through our grant, these organization can save time and money, so more of their resources can go directly to advancing their core mission,” Primeau says. “Another way we deliver on that commitment is through unlimited access: there are no data caps on our service plans, which is another advantage we offer over many commercial providers.”

Mobile Beacon provides its 4G services through Clearwire, a leading provider of wireless broadband services and operator of the largest 4G network in the country. This 4G service is currently available in 62 markets across the U.S., and the company plans to expand its 4G coverage further.

More detail about Mobile Beacon’s technology assistance grant program and coverage areas can be found at www.mobilebeacon.org.

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