Mobilizing the Educational Sector with 4G Technology Assistance Grants.

November, 2010
Mobile Beacon, a provider of 4G mobile broadband Internet service in the education and nonprofit sectors, brings schools affordable, high speed access and a commitment to helping them implement practical learning applications through customized pilot programs.

Mobile Beacon’s technology assistance grant program offers qualified schools a complimentary modem with unlimited 4G service for a reduced rate of just five dollars per month. Unlimited 4G service is also available for additional devices at a subsidized rate of $10 per month, representing significant savings each year as compared to commercial providers.

“We’re proud to continue our long tradition of helping educational organizations by offering technology assistance grants at a very low cost for mobile, high-speed Internet access,” said Katherine Messier, Director of Mobile Beacon. “Mobile technology continues to transform the educational landscape by extending learning opportunities beyond the school day and classroom walls. We started our grant program to help schools take advantage of those opportunities.”

Mobile Beacon’s roots are in serving schools and the educational community. The organization was established by a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has provided instructional video programming and made numerous product donations to educational institutions for over 20 years. Through an agreement with Clearwire, a leading provider of wireless broadband services and operator of the largest 4G network in the country, Mobile Beacon provides 4G Internet access to the educational sector.

“Providing an affordable Internet connection is the baseline of what we do, but we’re more than an Internet provider,” Messier says. “We will work with schools on a 1:1 basis to help them implement this service in a meaningful way through customized pilot programs or a larger scale rollout of the technology.”

More detail about Mobile Beacon’s technology assistance grant program and coverage areas can be found at www.mobilebeacon.org.

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