Mobile Beacon is a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable, mobile, high-speed Internet access to other nonprofits so they can better carry out their missions.



    Earlier this year, we announced that Sprint had acquired CLEAR, our 4G Internet provider.
    Sprint is furthering its build out of its 4G LTE network throughout the United States. The public date for the discontinuation of the current WiMAX network is on or around November 6, 2015. This date will vary city by city, but it’s a good guideline for the future.



    Sprint has begun decommissioning WiMax towers.
    When the tower that serves your area is decommissioned, service to your CLEAR device will be discontinued. To continue to receive our $10/month service, all Mobile Beacon customers will need to purchase a new LTE-enabled device. However, these new devices are currently not available.



    In the future Mobile Beacon plans to offer more speed, capacity, and coverage to our partners through Sprint’s LTE network.
    Please know however, that as a result of the transition to Sprint, there may be a gap in our ability to provide service and our program offerings may change.



    We promise to keep you informed of the status of your service and availability of new LTE devices.


    More details here.

    Our i3 Internet Inclusion Initiative helps break down barriers to access and bring equal educational opportunity to all Americans. It provides nonprofits and people in their communities with the broadband access they need at a price they can afford.


    Mobile Beacon gives nonprofits a powerful cost-savings advantage. Compare our $10/month rate to commercial rates of $50+/month and see the savings add up!


    Annual Cost for Data Plans for 10 Mobile Hotspots


    Mobility is a key advantage to keeping up. Now you can stream, browse, email, chat, watch and send files 24/7 anywhere in our 4G coverage area.

  • WHO WE’VE HELPED Learn how nonprofits are using Mobile Beacon's 4G Internet service to advance their missions.

    We’re grateful for the program that Mobile Beacon provides. It gives us the tools we need for own digital inclusion programs, which opens new doors to homeless families. It puts them on the path to opportunity.”

    — Farah Jimenez, President, People’s Emergency Center

    Mobile Beacon provides connectivity to our refugee students and their families, giving them access to school and community resources that might otherwise not be available to them. Your grant is making a big difference in the lives of many of our students.”

    — Joe Hackenmueller, Supervisor, Educational Technology, Anchorage School District

    We have been blessed by Mobile Beacon to give us this grant. We were in a situation where we did not have the money to upgrade our computers, but technology is moving so fast, that we had to do something. This came at the right time for us.”

    — Shannon Schuette, Director, Lighthouse Christian Academy