Carter’s Crew


Carter’s Crew was awarded Mobile Beacon’s Wi-Fly Digital Inclusion grant in 2022. Carter’s Crew designed a digital inclusion program to provide internet access and computers to participants who didn’t have access to the technology at home.

Their goal was to:

  • Provide access to high-speed internet and laptops for low-income families and/or program participants.
  • Provide access to programming that will help youth and families have substantial life outcome changes.



The launch kit enhanced Carter Crew’s “UN-Repeating the Cycle” program. Families without access to the internet or laptops checked out one for 30 days.

The technology made access to career readiness workshops, anger management classes, life skills classes, and virtual mentoring possible for families in our program who would otherwise not have access.

Additionally, the grant allowed teens with a court-ordered sentence to have an alternative to detention.



From the start of the grant to the end of 2022:

  • Laptops and hot spots were loaned out to 113 families in our community.
  • 92 virtual participants used the laptops and hot spots
  • 26 teens utilized the laptops and hotspots during the summer of 2022

“The families were extremely thankful for this new program to be available to them,” said Amber Gova, Executive Director, of Carter’s Crew. “The majority of our youth have a court condition and have to attend the program if it were not for this award we would not have the capability to loan devices out to our families in the program or the community.

“Access to these devices empowers them to receive the education and programming that they need to change the life trajectory and outcomes for their families as a whole.”


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