Community Anchor Institutions Encouraged to Apply for Mobile Beacon’s Grant Programs Aimed at Closing the Digital Divide and Homework Gap

Mobile Beacon is now accepting applications for its two grant programs, Connect for Success and Wi-Fly Lending Launch Kit. The grants provide 25 laptops and 25 4G LTE mobile hotspots with free, mobile, and unlimited 4G LTE internet access for one year. Mobile Beacon’s grants are valued at $18,000.

Mobile Beacon created the Connect for Success grant to provide schools with the technology they need to ensure all students have access to educational resources both in and out of the classroom. Former grantees have implemented the technology by:

  • Creating hotspot lending programs to provide access to students and teachers who lack access at home
  • Designing mobile learning labs to increase the use of technology and student collaboration in the classroom

Read the full announcement here.

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