Emergency Connectivity Fund

Take Advantage of the Emergency Connectivity Fund

Get your quote for the third application window!  The third application window will open on April 28 and close on May 13.

The FCC has provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help schools and libraries close the homework gap and digital divide. The Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) will provide 100% funding for schools and libraries to connect students and patrons off-campus. This includes funding hotspot devices and mobile broadband service.


Mobile Beacon is poised and ready to help customize a plan for your organization. With a wide range of CIPA-compliant devices available and our reliable, unlimited, and uncapped mobile broadband service we are a great choice to connect your students and patrons at home! Additionally, we offer a number of hotspots that are 100% reimbursable under the ECF program. Mobile Beacon’s affordable mobile broadband service is unmatched in the commercial space.


Customers can also choose to purchase unlimited 5G service! Mobile Beacon is proud to be one of the first to provide reliable 5G service at the most affordable price!

Quick Facts

  • The application window is only open April 28 until May 13.
  • The FCC is providing $7.171 BILLON to fund off-campus connectivity for schools and libraries.
  • This is a ONE TIME funding opportunity!
  • All K-12 schools and libraries are ELIGIBLE to apply.
  • Expenses will be 100% REIMBURSED up to the device cap.
  • Reimbursement Time Frame is July 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023


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    Hotspot Device(s) Requested:

    Franklin T10 ($57)

    5G Mifi M2000 ($336)



    Already a Mobile Beacon customer? Did you know your current service plan and/or renewal rates are eligible for reimbursement? Contact our customer service team to learn more at [email protected].

    Don’t take just our word for it!
    In fact, 75% of our customers are VERY satisfied with our service. Mobile Beacon is currently serving over 3,000 schools and libraries across the country. Here is what they have to say:

    “As a library, we were searching for an affordable option to offer our community, especially during these difficult times. Mobile beacon had the perfect solution at a price we could afford”, said Heather Ellis, Middletown Public Library.


    “They’re more than a company we work with, they’re part of our library family.”
    – Katie Smith, Teen Services Librarian, Wood Library


    “Thanks to Mobile Beacon, as a teacher, I have been able to stay connected and teach from home during the spring when I have to be in quarantine. The internet was fast and reliable. It provided me with the opportunity to stay connected without interruptions and to teach from home daily. Again, thank you!”
    – Ivelisse Sabater Teacher, E-Cubed Academy/ Providence Public Schools