Important Notice to EveryoneOn Customers

On Wednesday, January 20, EveryoneOn informed individuals and nonprofit enrollment partners that they will no longer provide our service to their customers – you – on February 2. We were disappointed by this news because many of you shared stories with us about how much you rely on our service and how you do not have other means of alternative Internet access.


What is happening?
Although we now have an LTE service plan available, EveryoneOn is discontinuing its monthly billing platform and will not offer our LTE service as a replacement for the Mobile Beacon subscribers currently using CLEAR WiMAX service and devices.


How are you affected?
Your WiMAX service will stop working on February 2nd. You will need to sign up for a replacement Internet service before then to avoid a disruption in your service. It’s important to act quickly because there is only one week left before the WiMAX service will no longer work.


What are my options for ongoing Internet access?
We have worked hard to quickly find you a platform so you can make the switch to Mobile Beacon’s LTE service if you so choose. We are very grateful that one of our nonprofit partners, PCs for People, has agreed to help and quickly setup an online billing platform that you can use to sign up for Mobile Beacon’s LTE service and receive a FREE LTE mobile hotspot with the purchase of six-month service plan.


For Individuals who signed up directly through EveryoneOn:


  • You can sign up for Mobile Beacon’s LTE service with our new nonprofit enrollment partner, PCs for People. Just enter the MAC Address of your device, pick a service plan option, register and checkout. We’ll ship you a FREE Netgear Fuse LTE mobile hotspot.
  • You can also review other Internet offers from different Internet service providers through EveryoneOn. Please visit http://everyoneon.org/transition-offer or text ‘Connect’ to 215-45 to start the process. There, you can enter your ZIP code and find other Internet offers available. You can also contact one of our Customer Service Specialists by emailing [email protected].


For Nonprofit Enrollment Partners who offered Mobile Beacon’s service to their community of users:


  • If you are interested in offering Mobile Beacon’s LTE service to your subscribers, our new partner, PCs for People, is making its billing platform available to support your subscribers through this transition. Please contact Mobile Beacon’s Alisson Walsh at [email protected] or, PCs for People’s Casey Sorensen [email protected] for details on how to make this offer available to your subscribers.
  • You may also refer your subscribers to other Internet offers that are available through EveryoneOn at http://everyoneon.org/transition-offer.