Wi-Fly Applications Closed

2017 Wi-Fly Grant Application Period Is Closed

Congratulations to the 2017 Wi-Fly grantees:


A nonprofit organization based out of Seattle, WA. They are a primary provider of services to homeless, runaway, and street-involved youth in Seattle/King County for more than 40 years. They help about 1,400 youth between 12 to 24 years of age each year. Our grant program will help YouthCare’s homeless youth access support services and get connected with resources faster as well as make them more independent. Our Wi-Fly grant will support 12 of their sites and allow their staff to provide services to youth wherever they are in the community.

Foundation Communities

A nonprofit organization based out of Austin, TX. They create affordable and attractive housing to low-income Texans.They believe that building strong families and communities is more than just providing a roof over their head but providing education and supportive services to empower their residents and neighbors. Foundation Communities will target 25 teens who will benefit from digital literacy skills and access to technology during their senior year of high school. This program will help low-income teens transition from high school to college and career by providing each with the technology devices and access they need to succeed.

Although the 2017 submission period for Wi-Fly Grant applications has expired, we encourage you to check out other outstanding opportunities available through our partner programs.



Who It Helps:Qualifying 501(c)(3) Nonprofits • Schools  • Public Libraries

How It Helps:

Nonprofits, schools and libraries save money and can get 1-10 donated 4G LTE devices per year.

Who It Helps:K-12 Public and Private Schools • Colleges / Universities • Academic Libraries

How It Helps:

Schools and libraries can get 1-10 donated 4G LTE devices per year.