Turning the Corner to a New Year


This holiday season, we’re feeling extremely grateful for the support of our customers and excited for the new year to come. It was a particularly challenging year with many unknowns about the future state of our service with Sprint. With your help, a court order, and a lot of tenacity from the Mobile Beacon team, we are moving forward getting all of our current customers transitioned to Sprint’s LTE service.

Our managing director, Katherine Messier, has written an Open Letter to Customers summarizing the activity of the last six months and announcing a new Convert & Connect Device Donation Program for current customers. Take a moment to read through if you haven’t already.

Through it all, we’ve continued to work with libraries to innovate new programs, support schools with the tools they need to teach, and help nonprofits carry out their missions. We never lost sight of our own mission –  to affordably connect nonprofits to the high-speed Internet access they need to better serve our world.

Together, we will help more people get access to the technology they need to communicate, learn, innovate and create a better world. We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a bright new year!

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