4 Mobile Nonprofit Sites to Learn From

Recently we gave you our top tips for going mobile. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite sites that can help bring those tips to life for you. Feel free to click away and see how these work on your smartphone or tablet!



This site has an open, clean design and does a good job of getting a lot of information organized so you can drill down to exactly what you are looking for without getting lost.

Boot Campaign

This site has clear calls to action, a nice use of video, store and infographics that explain their mission/purpose in an impactful way.

Charity Water

This site uses impactful photography throughout and has a concise purpose statement right up front. They also talk about results and where donations go on the home page, inspiring confidence that your donation matters.

World Wildlife

This site uses images well to help visitors navigate, has strong calls to action, and the accessible top menu makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  What’s more, even though they have multiple photos, the site still loads quickly.


For more examples of nonprofits that rock responsive web design, check out this list from Nonprofit Tech for Good: https://nonprofitquarterly.org/policysocial-context/23766-11-nonprofits-that-rock-responsive-web-design.html

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