Case Studies


Burton Middle School

Burton School District is located in California’s central San Joaquin Valley in a semi-rural, agricultural-oriented community. Burton serves many families that migrate throughout the school year…

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Cedar Creek Independent School District

The Clear Creek Independent School District believes learning can take place any time and from anywhere; yet, learning opportunities are limited for…

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Ashley Park School

Ashley Park School in Charlotte, North Carolina serves families in neighborhoods with some of the lowest levels of home Internet use in the state. The community contains the highest…

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Russell High School

Russell High School has 271 students in grades 9-12. The school is located “smack in the middle of Kansas” in buffalo and prairie dog country. The school is using its first grant to share with their staff…

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Anchorage School District

The Anchorage School District has more than 50,000 students in a total of 100 schools. The city has 8 high schools which is where most of this equipment is being utilized. The student population reflects the…

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Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a small school that specializes in providing individualized instruction to students of all abilities as well as some who are medically fragile. Lighthouse presently has 13 students in grades K-12….

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Johnson and Wales University

Johnson & Wales University had planned to bring the campus security office out to the field by equipping each of their campus security vehicles with laptops and mobile Internet service. This was…

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