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Do you embrace BYOD?


  At first glance, BYOD (bring your own device) looks like a magical solution. It helps solve funding challenges for schools looking to implement 1:1 programs, it enables teachers to integrate online learning into the classroom, and it frees students from network limitations. But it presents challenges as well, ranging from security concerns to possible […]

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Technology Disaster Preparedness. Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 3/3


Welcome to the final blog in our technology planning series. You now know how to develop a well-thought-out technology plan and how to conduct a technology assessment. Now let’s look at technology disaster preparedness.

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How to Conduct a Technology Assessment Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 2/3


  Technology Planning for Nonprofits Welcome to part two of our technology planning series. Now that you have defined how technology can help you achieve your goals, and you know what a technology plan is and why it’s important, let’s talk about a central part of your plan.

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What’s Involved in Technology Planning? Tech Planning 4 Your Mission Part 1/3


    Welcome to the first of three blog posts in our technology planning series. We’ll be discussing how to maximize your resources with a well-thought-out plan, how to conduct a technology assessment, and technology planning for disaster preparedness.

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Spectrum: What is it and why does it matter?


There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately concerning spectrum. In this post, we offer a definition and some cultural context to help you understand what the debate is about, and how it may affect you and your mission. We’ll start with some basic terminology:

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The Growing Demand for Wireless Spectrum


“Spectrum” is what allows our wireless devices to connect to the Internet. However, there is not an unlimited amount of spectrum to support the exponential increase of mobile technology over the last four years. The infographic below breaks down the spectrum predicament we are facing.

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5 Online Marketing and Awareness Tools Tools 4 Your Mission Part 3/3


The services that nonprofits provide to the community are vital. Making people aware of all the great work being done and how it benefits them is every bit as vital. Here are five great resources to help nonprofits to communicate and connect with constituents and effectively market their missions.

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2013 eNonprofit Benchmark Study


Examining fundraising, response rates, average gift amounts, email click-through rates and other factors, this study helps to set benchmarks by which nonprofits can measure their online performance.

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5 Online Tools for Raising Funds Tools 4 Your Mission Part 2/3


    Fundraising is crucial to any nonprofit’s success but this labor of love can at times be exhausting – We’ve compiled our picks for the top five tools that make fundraising easy, effective, economic, and even enjoyable.

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5 Online Tools for Connecting with Volunteers Tools 4 Your Mission Part 1/3


  If you work for a nonprofit, especially a young nonprofit, you can probably count your other coworkers on one hand. This, in addition to the fact that your work is never truly done, makes it likely that you are indeed overworked. But that’s okay – because you’re doing something great!!! An organization devoted to […]

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