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Timeline of Educational Technology is Schools Infographic


  Most of us think of technology in the classroom as a relatively recent event. In fact, it’s been an ever-evolving reality for over a century. Take a look at how technology in schools has changed over time.

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Tips to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Data Plan


Data is the new coin of the realm. Learn how to stretch your budget! Real time access to information enables nonprofits to more effectively advance their mission in a rapid response world. But anytime/anywhere access comes with a price, which can vary significantly. How do you choose the right data plan among all the options […]

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Mobile Connectivity for Nonprofits – what’s your best option?


Being able to work anytime/anywhere can greatly expand your reach, but it requires mobile Internet access. There are many connectivity tools available to keep you connected to the data and online resources you need outside the office. What’s the best option for you? That depends on what you’re using it for.

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College Unbound Students Attain Success on the Go


  Problem: College Unbound is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing a pathway to an accredited bachelor’s degree with partnering colleges and universities. The program is targeted to those who began a degree program but were unable to finish, often adults who are full-time workers, full-time students and full-time parents. Though College Unbound is dedicated […]

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Housing Authority Pilot Provides Computers, & Internet Access for Low-Income Residents


The Providence Housing Authority (PHA) not only provides safe, affordable housing, its mission includes addressing residents’ economic needs and offering a bridge to a better future. But one-fifth of their residents don’t have Internet access at home – a key tool in finding and applying for jobs, signing up for an affordable healthcare plan, and […]

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4 Mobile Nonprofit Sites to Learn From


Recently we gave you our top tips for going mobile. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite sites that can help bring those tips to life for you. Feel free to click away and see how these work on your smartphone or tablet!

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Seven Tips for Nonprofits Going Mobile


  We’ve talked about how important mobile sites are and why responsive design is a great option. To help you get started, we’d like to share some tips on creating a good mobile web site. Ready to take the plunge? Keep these guidelines in mind:

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We LOVE Nonprofits!


One of the things we love most about our jobs is knowing that we’re helping other nonprofit organizations fulfill some truly worthwhile missions. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some that are especially close to our hearts.

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Why mobile sites have gone from a "nice-to-have" to a "must have" for nonprofits


  In January, we shared some statistics on the explosive use of mobile devices and how important responsive design has become for mobile commerce. Now we’d like to share why mobile sites have gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” for nonprofits.

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Why Responsive Design is Important


    As seen in the infographic below, more and more people are relying on smartphones and tablets to get information and make purchases. Nonprofits must figure out the best way to make sure their Web sites display information just as well on the small screen as on computers. Many nonprofits are now exploring the […]

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